A Dog’s Dream Car


I love Car Talk.  It’s hilarious.  It’s too bad it ended.

But instead of morning Tom’s passing, we should do what he would have wanted everyone to do: laugh.  And this made me do just that.

I listened to a Car Talk episode named “A Big, Beautiful Piece of. Junk” recently, and it had a hysterical canine/car conundrum in it.

Shelley from Colorado called in with a weird car problem.  Whenever she turned on the ac in her Ford Explorer, she heard a rattling noise.  Next, “the air conditioning vent [rains] dog food”, she said.

This was greeted with peals of laughter from Tom and Ray.  Tom demanded: “Doesn’t anyone screen the calls?  Can- can any whacko, from any place in the country [call us]?!”

Once they could speak again, Click and Clack explained that it was probably mice, who are getting into her dog food at home, and “squirreling” it away in her car’s air vents.

Next, they told her how she could get it fixed.

Shelley replied: “Well my dog does like it, he thinks it’s a dog food dispenser. … [And if I’m driving along] and he looks hungry, I just turn on the air conditioning.”

Tom, laughing, yelled:  “And he must be saying: ‘Have I died and gone to heaven?! … [This thing’s] spittin’ out dog food!’”

*Insert more laughter here.*

The dog-food-dispensing car.  Wow.  As Click and Clack say, “Ya can’t make this stuff up!”

This was just one story of several, in yet another hilarious episode of Car Talk.  Check it out here. http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510208/car-talk


Photo Credit

“Dog in the Car” by George Hodan.  Pic is in the public domain.  http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=204841&picture=dog-in-the-car


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