2 Cats Join the Crew of a Russian Tourist Ship

If this Persian cat could talk, he would probably say: “Здравствуйте, пассажир.” followed by more in Russian.  However, if he was talking to an English-speaker (like me), he might say: “Hello, passenger.  My name is Sailor.  I hope you enjoy your trip aboard my boat.”

Cats dressed in adorable outfits are nothing new.  Cats named “Sailor” are nothing new.  But cats who live on a commercial ship?  Now that’s new.

Cats hate water, right?  So why is it that Sailor the cat lives on a boat, of all places?!

Well, he’s not the only one.

This is Sailor’s friend, a male cat who loves to sleep, as you can tell.

Both felines are part of the crew on a tourist ship that travels between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sailor has been on board since 2008.  Over time, the human captain of the boat grew concerned that Sailor might be lonely, so he brought the gray tabby on board to be his friend.

Their main duties include staring out the window to make sure everything is running smoothly, licking themselves into peak condition, and napping.

In addition, both cats earn their keep by hypnotizing unsuspecting tourists into choosing their cruise boat over any other.  While their exact success rate is unknown, judging from the fact that Sailor went viral back in May 2016, it’s safe to say that the rate has been “high”.  As in, “high on catnip high”.


So if you’re traveling to Russia anytime soon, you might want to consider adding this extra cuteness to your trip.


And until we met again, reader:

May the seas you sail be all fair,

And the cat you cuddle, all hair.  



“Russian sailor cats melt hearts of passengers cruising between Moscow and St. Petersburg (PHOTOS)”, May 23, 2016, Russia Today (rt.com).  https://www.rt.com/viral/344152-russian-sailor-cat-cruise/


All photos are © Ruptly



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