The Great Escape Meets Catzilla


Before we begin, can we all just pause a second and admit that “Catzilla” is an awesome name for a cat?  (Post more ideas in the comments!)

Anyway, I heard this story on Car Talk.  I was re-listening to old podcasts when I heard this story about a lost kitty with a happy ending, and I just knew I should share it.  The episode was entitled “Catzilla’s Great Adventure”.  (The exact time slot was from 10:50 to 16:00 minutes.)

In it, 3 cat stories are told.  I’ll summarize one here, but you should go to the Car Talk podcast section on ( if you want to hear the whole thing.

In the episode, Jane from St. Louis called in with a cat-meets-car problem.  Her story went something like this: When her cat, named Catzilla, ran away from home, she and her family were heartbroken.  They couldn’t find her, even after they’d tried everything.

Then, two months later, a man telephoned Jane and told her that Catzilla was at his place.  Catzilla had always been there, but the man hadn’t known who owned her until he saw a “Missing” ad on the internet.

The man lived 7 miles away from Jane, across 2 highways.  Jane was shocked.  What a trek for a cat!

“Guess she wanted to get away from you guys!”  Ray roared with laughter, as did everyone.

Once the laughing stopped, Jane continued with the story, relating how they went to the man’s house, identified Catzilla, and took her home.

Yet the mystery remained: how had Catzilla gotten so far from home? 

Well, Jane did have one clue.  The man’s house was near the school that Jane drove her son to.

Was it possible that Catzilla had climbed inside the car and rode to school with Jane and her son?

Click and Clack’s short answer was “yes, absolutely”.

Being Click and Clack, however, they couldn’t just leave it at that.  Ray had to relate a personal experience about one time a kitten had crawled under his hood.  The story climaxed with a merry chase through a junk yard in the dead of winter.  (Check it out here:

Anyway, the moral of the story is: don’t let your cat in your garage.  Sometime when your car is warm, your cat is going to crawl up in there.  And then the poor, traumatized feline could be stuck under there until you happen to look, maybe days later.  That’s what happened to Ray.

Or the cat could get out at your destination, and you’d never see her again.  No one wants that.

So although Catzilla’s story ended happily, even hilariously, consider this a cautionary tale.


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