Guest Blog: 10 Things to Avoid on your First Trail Ride.

A guest post by yours truly on Anne Leureen’s blog Horse Addict. It was great working with her to bring you this article, which I think all horse-lovers will enjoy.


Today I am posting a Guest Blog by Gayle Jorgenson of The Fuzzy Fanatic

Gayle writes about dogs, cats, horses, and occasionally humans. Her blog is entertaining and lively. This blog post is essentially a beginners guide to going on a trail ride. I can tell  you that  knowing horses and trail riding as I do her advice is sound and practical.

10 Things to Avoid on Your First Trail Ride

By Gayle Jorgenson

When I was 11, I rode in my first trail ride.  I was assigned a young, brown-and-white horse named Taboo for the ride, which was to be a group outing.  Up until that point, I had ridden exclusively in a fenced arena, so I was nervous, and I think maybe Taboo was also.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t end well.

During a stretch of trail through corn fields, Taboo started cantering without my permission (I had…

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