16 Beautiful Horse Photos That Are Works of Art

Looking at a lovely landscape is a pleasant, relaxing experience.  But all landscapes look better if you add a certain, noble beast: the horse.  

Horses are symbols of strength, beauty, and freedom, and these pictures give us a taste of all those.  


1. It would probably be safe to say that Arabians look good from any angle.  Still, as a photographer myself, I appreciate how the artist placed the eye in the center, since eyes naturally draw our focus.  Excellent!  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LMQbVZ

2. Photographing animals is hard; they don’t take orders and never hold a single pose for long.  So this photographer did a good job.  Plus, the simple black-and-white contrast is lovely.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2M0s2Iz

3. This photo speaks for itself.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LwXphQ

4. In addition to snow, I’ve also learned that horses look spectacular at the ocean.  Case in point:

Source: https://bit.ly/2NUFezf

5. Many of us wish we looked this good at the beach!  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LOpIYa

6. As always, sunsets turn the world into a painting.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2Alhna2

7. This photo is perhaps not as dramatic as some of the others, yet it has its own quiet charm.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LZyFL2

8. Isn’t it amazing how the most ordinary activities can sometimes look extraordinary?  

Source: https://bit.ly/2mTZWDW

9. Mirror, mirror…  

Source: https://bit.ly/2Aim58A

10. Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  They are wrong.  Beauty is in the eye of the horse.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LwyWsS

11. Where can I buy this?!  

Source: https://bit.ly/2AmPo9O

12. As I’ve said before, no list of lovely horses would be complete without a Friesian.  Friesians are my favorite breed.  As you can clearly see by this stallion, they are both strong and beautiful.  No wonder they were the favorite mounts of knights!  

Source: https://bit.ly/2Osv3De

13. A gorgeous flamenco-style dress + a magnificent horse = eye candy!  

Source: https://bit.ly/28XJxoq

14. Not only is this photo a touching display of the equine-human bond, it is also creative.  Not many photographers would think of aligning flowers in front of the subject and then blurring them out.  It adds a nice touch of color to the frame.  Well done.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2Lyijx3

15. Isn’t it cute how the horse craze starts early?  I know for me it did.  Many of my oldest toys were either Breyer horses or plush horses or some other kind of horses.  

Source: https://bit.ly/2mR8DPh

16. Wedding photos with horses may be cliche, but they are still lovely.  I thought that this one was particularly so, what with the mist, the elegant feathering, and the soft pink sky.  Beautiful!  

Source: https://bit.ly/2LyA0MH

And that’s the list; I hope you enjoyed it. 

Which photo is your favorite?  Do you have any pretty pictures that you’ve taken of equines?  If so, please share them in the comments; I’d love to see them!  

Next weekend, I plan on posting about man’s best friend. 

See you then!  


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