My Story

I am actually a bit like Supergirl.

We both are writers, we both are goody two shoes, and we even dress similarly (slacks and a polo shirt).

Still, we’re not identical.  For example, she has super-powers, and I, sadly, do not.  (But if I did, I would totally choose teleportation over anything else.  Sorry, Supergirl!  Being able to travel to any corner of the world in the blink of an eye triumphs over super-strength every time!)

Jokes aside, however, there’s another difference between us: I’m a Christian and Supergirl isn’t.  Hopefully, however, this wouldn’t prevent us from being friends.

Furthermore, I am way more obsessed with animals than her.  Growing up, I rode horses and walked the dog.  Now I own a tortoiseshell cat named Autumn.  Or, more accurately, she owns me.  (Also, please don’t tell her that I used to own a dog!)

Anyway — over the years, I’ve gathered quite the store of knowledge and enthusiasm about animals.  I’m channeling it into my book, The Fuzzy Feud, and, of course, into this blog.

So bienvenido! Welcome!