My Story

Supergirl and I are similar in occupation, personality, and fashion sense.

Still, we’re not identical.  For example, she has super-powers, and I, sadly, do not.  (But if I did, I would totally choose teleportation over anything else.  Sorry, Supergirl!  Being able to travel to any corner of the world in the blink of an eye trumps super-strength every time!)

Jokes aside, however, there’s another difference between us: I’m a Christian and Supergirl isn’t.  Hopefully, however, this wouldn’t prevent us from being friends.

Furthermore, I am way more obsessed with animals than her.  Growing up, I rode horses and walked the dog.  Now I own a tortoiseshell cat named Autumn.  Or, more accurately, she owns me.  (Also, please don’t tell her that I used to own a dog!)

Anyway — over the years, I’ve gathered quite the store of knowledge and enthusiasm about animals.  I will channel it into my book, The Fuzzy Feud, and, of course, into this blog.

So bienvenido! Welcome!