When You’re Too Tired to Walk the Dog…


People say you need to walk the dog every day.  This isn’t true.  Yes, you should walk your dog often, but it doesn’t have to be every day.  Maybe it’s too hot or cold for a walk; maybe it’s raining; or maybe you’re just plain exhausted.  Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of alternatives to walking Max around the block.  

So without further ado, here they are.  

1. Treadmill  

Before your treadmill is fit for doggy exercise, you’ll first need to get your dog used to it.  Start by having Max sit beside the treadmill and get him accustomed to the noise and motion.  Next, you can place him on the treadmill and turn it on slow.  Most dogs will need occasional treats to keep them motivated.  Gradually increase the speed.  Once Max gets used to the treadmill, it may be tempting to walk off, but please don’t.  He could get hurt while you’re away.  But with proper precautions, the treadmill makes an excellent substitute for the classic walk.  

2. Fetch

You probably guessed this one would be on the list.  Despite being cliché, fetch is still a wonderful way for Fido to burn 200 calories while you use only 2!  This game is best played outside, where you won’t endanger any fine china; but if the weather is bad, then a spacious room could do the trick.  Remember, you don’t need tennis balls to play fetch.  Almost any type of medium-sized ball will work.  Or if you don’t have that, then Max will also enjoy a Frisbee or a stick.  If you have a particularly energetic dog, you can still tire him out this way.  Just move the game of fetch over to a staircase and have him run up and down until he is good and tired.  

3. Tug-of-War  

“In one corner, we have an 80-pound Golden Retriever, World Slobbering Champion!  And in the other corner, we have a 180-pound woman, Netflix Bingeing Champion of America!  Rrready?  Now fight!” 

But seriously, tug-of-war is a great game that doesn’t even require you to leave the couch. 

Even so, a word of caution before you begin: this game should only be played if you and Max get along well.  If your dog is aggressive or doesn’t obey your commands, then this playtime could turn into a struggle for dominance.  So keep that in mind.  

4. Treat Toss  

This option might be the easiest one on the whole list.  Simply sit on the couch and toss treats about the room.  

5. Hide and Seek  

If you have kids (or if your relatives/friends with kids are visiting), then it’s time for a game!  While you rest your aching back on the couch, have Max come over and sit on the floor next to you.  Now everyone hides.  Once the hiders are hidden, have them call to Max.  Most dogs won’t need any more encouragement.  Instinctively, dogs will go to their humans, especially when called.  

However, if you live alone, then you can still play.  Try taking your dog’s favorite toy or bone and hiding it.  Practice making Max sit while you go and hide the toy.  Of course, if he can see what you are doing, then the game’s already over.  Ideally, you would walk around the house for this, but if that’s not in the cards right now, then hide the item in as many different places as you can reach without standing up.  

6. Puzzle Toys  

Puzzle toys are perfect for exercising Max’s mind as well as body.  There is an impressive variety of puzzle toys available, so you should definitely shop around.  

But perhaps you are more of the DIY type.  In that case, you still have plenty of options, (too many to name here, in fact); but here are a few ideas to get you started.  If you have an old shaggy rug you wouldn’t mind damaging, you could hide treats in it, and Max would have to scrape them out with his paws before eating.  Alternatively, you use an empty 2 liter soda bottle.  Once it’s been cleaned, cut holes in it, insert some treats, and presto!  It’s finished.  Your dog is in for hours of fun pushing the bottle around with his nose and munching on the treats.  One last suggestion: this one needs a retired muffin tin.  Take the tin, place a few treats in each indent, and cover each indent with a tennis ball.  Max will have to remove the balls so he can get at the treats.  

7. Tricks/Commands  

Again, this is about exercising both the body and mind.  From the comfort of your couch, you can teach Max commands, such as “sit”, “stay”, “drop it”, and more.  As for tricks, you could practice shaking hands; you might want to have him jump over or crawl under your legs; you could teach him the names of his toys, and ask him to fetch a certain one.  Try to think creatively.  Your dog will thank you.  

8. Obstacle Course

Does your dog have agility training?  Obviously, if he does, then you already know a great way to exercise him.  But if he does not, then no problem!  You can still set up barriers for him to jump over, or tunnels for him to crawl through.  You can use almost anything for this  — boxes, crates, chairs, couch cushions, and more.  You could even try making a maze.  Whatever you do, always remember to reward Max with treats at the end.  

9. Dog-Friendly Places  

Consider driving Max to a dog-friendly place, taking him off the leash, and letting him have fun!  Possible places to go include a dog park or a neighbor’s empty fenced-in field.  Even dog pools are a real thing.  Although there aren’t that many in the U.S. yet, you might still be able to find one near you.  For that matter, if you have a friend with a pool, perhaps you could bring Max over for a swim.  

10. Other  

If you know in advance that you will be exhausted this week, try setting up a play date with one of your friends and her dog.  The dogs can play with each other while the humans relax and chat.  Or, if all else fails, you can always hire a dog walker.  

And there you have it — 10 alternatives to walking the dog.  

Before I wrap up this post, I have to give credit where credit is due.  Many of the suggestions in this post were inspired by an article from dog trainer and fellow blogger, Katrin.  And she had even more ideas than I!  If you want to check out the original post, then here it is:  


So until next time: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

Dogs Make the World a Better Place, and These 9 Clips Prove It

You may have seen on the news recently a study about how dog owners live longer.  If you haven’t, then here’s a quick summary: a journal reviewed by the American Heart Association recently released a study about the correlation between having a dog and a healthy heart.  Obviously, if you own a dog, then you need to walk them every day.  That vastly improves your health. 

As a dog person myself, I would also add that dogs help humans stay mentally positive, keeping us healthy in that way too.  Their antics make us laugh, and their unconditional love makes us smile, even on the worst days.  

So this week, my blog post is all about celebrating dogs.  I’ve collected 9 gifs and short videos that showcase the best in man’s best friend.  By the end, I think we’ll agree: it’s not an exaggeration to say that dogs make the world a better place.   

The phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” certainly does not apply here!  The grey-and-white cat was feeling threatened by the orange-and-white cat, and a fight was imminent.  Fortunately, a golden retriever with a heart of gold stepped in and broke it up.  

Of course, we can’t actually know what the dog was thinking, but I assume it was something like this: “Please don’t fight!  Let’s all just be friends!”  

Wow, dogs can work together better than humans.  The big dog’s name is Big Ben, and the little guy is called (appropriately) Tiny Tim.  Big Ben is part Pyrenees, part Lab.  Tiny Tim is all Chihuahua.  The lake they are swimming in is actually a dogs-only lake that their owners rent out every summer.   Seems like a match made in dog Heaven!  

It may not be obvious why I included this video of a dog seeing snow for the first time.  I guess I just wanted to celebrate how dogs help us stop and appreciate the simple joys in life.  Dogs teach us not to wait for something in the future to make us happy; we should be happy in the present, enjoying the little things each moment brings: a pretty flower, some tasty coffee, a smile from a stranger — that kind of thing.  Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now…  

Dogs are such amazing, accepting creatures.  They accept animals of all species, including ones that would naturally be their dinner (like birds).  

Awww, that’s so sweet!  Like this girl, I was blessed to grow up around dogs.  They are fun to play with, they protect, and perhaps most importantly, they love unconditionally.  As writer Josh Billings once penned: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  

Warning: this next video is a tear-jerker.  

Everyone knows that service dogs can lead the blind, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for man’s best friend!  In addition to carrying things like in the video, some canines have been trained to sense when their human is about to have a seizure.  Other dogs can tell when a diabetic human’s blood pressure is too high or too low.  A few dogs have even been known to detect cancer.  Yes, it’s true.   

Sasha saves the day!  So you’ve probably heard stories of dogs warning their humans when natural disasters are approaching, so in that respect this video isn’t ground-breaking.  Yet I was still shocked by how Sasha not only warned her humans, but she also tried to physically drag the baby to safety.  Isn’t that incredible?!

Don’t worry, the dog was fine.  With that out of the way, here’s the story.  A black bear in New Jersey entered a man’s backyard in search of food.  It was starting to enjoy the seed from a bird feeder when the neighbor’s dog charges in.  The dog slams into the bear.  The bear immediately lumbers off, and the brave dog runs him out of town.  

According to Fox News, the dog’s name is Riley.   Incredibly, this isn’t his first time chasing bears!  But this lion also has a soft side.  When kids are in the pool, he keeps an eye on them, ensuring they are safe.  

For his bravery, this dog has been rewarded with a steak dinner!   What a good boy!  

On a lighter note, dogs also make our lives better because they put up with all of our antics.  They fall for all of our pranks; they tolerate being dressed up in silly costumes; they are just the best.  

If you liked this post, then you might want to read also “15 Hilarious Dog Memes to Brighten Your Day”.  It’s one of my most popular posts, and it’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself.  Enjoy!  


And until next time: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

Precious Pets.


This week the Lens-artists challenge is from Tina at Travels and Trifles. The challenge: Precious Pets.


We do not have a cat but we have had our daughter’s cat as a guest. Here is a photo of our daughter and her cat Sir Winston. dressed for a special occasion. He was a rescue who started life abandoned in a warehouse. But he would not hesitate to tell you he is descended from the regal cats of Ancient Egypt. Cats were worshipped as Gods then. Sir Winston thinks they still should be.

Sir Winston and his human .


We do not have a dog at the moment but on September 14 we will be welcoming a new puppy into our home. She will be our fourth mini-Schnauzer. We had to say goodbye to our much loved Tia last spring when she became ill and surgery was difficult and…

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Cutest Animal Odd Couples from the Dodo

Friendship can come in all shapes and sizes.  Your best friend might just be someone who is your polar opposite (I know mine is).  These animals prove that anyone can be a good friend, even someone you would never expect.  For example… 

A Dog and a Cat. 

tuco and figgy

Dogs and cats hate each other, right?  Well, not these 2!  Tuco is the dog, and Figgy is the cat.  A human found Figgy on the streets when she was only 5 weeks old.  The human brought Figgy home and cared for her. 

But there was just one problem: the human already had a dog!  So the owner took steps to carefully introduced them to each other.  She put them both in crates and made them stare at each other for a long time.  Then over the course of 2 weeks, the owner moved the carriers gradually closer and closer; until finally they started to like each other.  It was the start of a solid friendship. 

Yes, these animals are good friends, despite being nothing alike!  As a typical dog, Tuco is a big softie, needy yet loving.  Figgy is more of a gangster-type; after all, he did come from the streets!  

A Dog and a Raccoon.

june raccoon and waffles dog

The raccoon in the photo is named June, and the dog is Waffles.  Their story begins in a backyard in Arkansas.  A mother raccoon chose an oak tree in that backyard as the perfect spot for a maternal nest.  Then somehow, one of the babies (June) ended up on the ground.  

The humans who owned the backyard left her alone at first, hoping that June’s mother would come to save her.  But for some reason, she didn’t.  A cold night was coming on, so at 2 days old, June was adopted and raised by humans. 

Later on, once June was grown up, the humans figured that she needed a friend.  They adopted Waffles.  The 2 animals met in the backyard; they sniffed each other, and it was love at first sight.  Ever since, Waffles has acted as June’s bodyguard.  Waffles follows June wherever she goes.  Naturally, June the raccoon gets into all sorts of trouble.  But when she does decide to finally settle down, responsible Waffles is right there to snuggle up with her.  But you already know this.  One look at that photo and it’s obvious they are quite the cute odd couple.  

A Cat and a Horse.  

champy and morris

Say hello to Champy the horse and Morris the cat!  Morris was born in a shelter.  The poor thing had to live in a cage for months. 

Fortunately, a human adopted Morris.  She brought him home and let him outside for the first time.  As Morris explored the porch, Champy kept on hanging around; he insisted on befriending the prickly cat.  Then, a few days later, Morris leapt up and landed on Champy’s back!  This gets more incredible when another factor is added: Morris was the first to ever ride Champy. 

From there on out, a beautiful friendship bloomed.  The 2 groom each other, and Champy is very gentle with Morris.  Champy is very smitten with Morris.  In fact, Champy will often forgo the company of other horses just to be with Morris.  

A Human and a Chipmunk.  

van gogh the chipmunk

The chipmunk’s name is Van Gogh, or VG, for short.  Ally named him that because of the chunk missing from his ear.  Ally Calmusky is the human in this picture.  Ally’s mom owned a backyard that acts sort of like a wildlife refuge.  Ally often went there to feed lots of different animals, but VG stood out because of how friendly he was.  He would come up close to Ally to eat the peanuts she provided.  Eventually, he started climbing up onto her hand. 

Although technically still a wild chipmunk, VG was very tame.  When Ally called his name, he always ran over.  He was completely comfortable climbing up her, or letting her pet him.  VG was even jealous of his precious human.  If other chipmunks dared to approach Ally, VG chased them off!  

But one day, tragedy struck.  VG went missing!  No matter how many times Ally called him, he never appeared.  A month passed, and still no sign of him. 

Then he came back!  Ally says that it was one of the happiest days of her life.  Ally may never know why VG left, but now he’s back to stay.  If you want to see more of this adorable duo, check out their Instagram.  


So which odd couple is your favorite?  Which one is the cutest?  Leave a comment and let me know!  My personal favorite is Ally and VG.  Chipmunks are one of my favorite animals, but unlike cats and dogs, they are very skittish and almost impossible to tame.  

Anyway, this post took me a long time to write, so I hope you enjoyed it!  And as always: stay fuzzy, my friends!  



11 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos

When I was growing up, my family owned a dog.  Her name was Dyna, and she was a black Labrador/Chow Chow mix.  I loved Dyna!  She was the ultimate guard dog, and I always felt safe when she was around.  We enjoyed going on thousands of fun walks together, exploring the world around my home.  Plus, she was very loving.  

She only had one real flaw: she loved to chew everything.  Plastic toys?  Yup.  Wooden doors?  Yummy!  Wooden fences?  For breakfast.  She even tried her paw at metal a few times.  

We couldn’t seem to break her of this habit.  Fortunately, she was never hurt in her culinary adventures, and it became more of a nuisance than anything else.  

Dog-shaming didn’t exist back then, but if it had, we would have had plenty of material!  

Dog-shaming is the Internet trend started by Pascale Lemire in 2012, and it immediately went viral.  Humans everywhere were posting photos of their dogs with paper cards around their necks denouncing their latest bad behavior, often with the destroyed item in frame.  It was a way to vent, probably, but it morphed into something else — something funnier.  

Personally, I find it hilarious the crazy antics dogs do!  So I decided to collect some of the funniest photos from Pascale’s site, dogshaming.com. 

I hope you enjoy!  

1. Then the Police Came…

dog shaming cops

These owners left their black Labrador home alone to see what he would do.  They were shocked when he opened the garage door and triggered the alarm!  “Then the police came…”  What a Christmas gift!  

But let’s try and see things from the dog’s perspective: They left him home.  Alone.  At Christmas.  

Naturally, the pup thought he was starring in the Home Alone remake!  

2. Mommy, Look What I Did!  

dog shaming destruction

Once upon a time, there was a man, his wife, and their dog.  The man left for work earlier than normal, so his wife was still asleep.  Little did she know what was occurring downstairs… 

The dog felt lonely, so she “ate the couch in order to spend more time with mom this morning before she left for work…[!]”  

This little pup doesn’t seem ashamed at all.  If anything, she looks proud of what she did!  

3. Bake Fail

dog shaming pancakes

Aggie the dog got hungry when her humans slept in, so she destroyed a flour sack.  Logic!  

On a side note, this reminds me of the infamous Malt-O-Meal incident of 2017…  

4. I’m Sure We’ve All Done This 

dog shaming digger

The guilty party’s name is Simone.  She dug up Grandma’s flower bed, then she decided to make some improvements on the curb appeal!  

5. Would You Like Coffee?  Juice?  Punch?  

dog shaming punch

“This morning I woke up my mom by jumping onto the bed and punching her in the face.”  

No explanation is given.  Nor is one needed.  

6. The Case of the Killer Pillow

dog shaming pillow

The paper reads: “The pillow made an attempt on my life.  I fought back.”  

Dogshaming.com adds: “No witnesses would testify against this.”  

‘Nuff said!  

7. Why Are We Out of Eggs?  Again?  

dog shaming eggs

While his humans were out shopping, this dog stole 6 eggs.  He ate 4 and “buried” 2 more in the couch for midnight snacks.  

Here is his shameful confession: “While my family was shopping (and ironically considering one of those fancy “treat puzzles” for me) … I was making up my own games and having yummy treats anyways!”  

8. Always Look on the Bright Side!  

dog shaming carrots

Alice the dog likes veggies.  A lot.  Her owners try to keep her from eating too many of them, “but sometimes when no one is paying attention…” 

She eats a garden’s worth of carrots.  Here is her confession in her own words: “Although my penalty is to join Carrot Eaters Anonymous, my vision has significantly improved.”  

9. Bon appétit!  

dog shaming eating
via @_crmzchan_ from Twitter

This dog ate a whole tray of pigs in blankets.  Then he had some paper for dessert!  

(For those of you who don’t know, “pigs in a blanket” is a food that consists of a sausage or a hot dog wrapped in either a croissant-style pastry or bacon.)  

10. Ironically Ironic

dog shaming chew

After the human owners bought the Dog-Shaming book by Pascale, they placed it on the coffee table and went to work.  Then Bentley the dog ate it.  Later, the owners emailed a photo of the destruction to dogshaming.com.  The irony has layers!

But at least the owners can laugh about it.  “Can’t even be mad about it”, they chuckle.    

11. Mistakes Were Made.  

dog shaming hilarious

The owners went to lunch.  They came back to this.  

I don’t know what the owners thought, but this is hilarious to me!  Definitely my favorite!  

Which one do you like best, dear reader?  Leave a comment and let your opinion be known!  

Before I close, I have to give a big “thank you” to Pascale Lemire and dogshaming.com for sharing these hilarious photos with the world.  For more laughs like these, check out the original site.  


Next week we will bust common myths about horses.  For example, did you know that horses don’t like being petted on the muzzle?  Indeed, contrary to what you may have seen on book covers and movie posters, most horses don’t like humans touching their muzzles.  It’s a delicate sensory organ, nearly akin to human eyes, so don’t touch!  A pat on the neck or a rub on the forehead is much more enjoyable for equines.  

For more interesting horse facts, tune in next time!  But until then: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

Man vs Dog: Who Will Win This Grueling Race through the Desert?

Spoiler alert: the dog wins!  

cactus the dog

The dog’s name is Cactus.  Back in April, he joined the world’s toughest race and easily ran over 100 miles (160 km) through the Sahara desert.  As one does.  

But let’s back up some.  His real name is Diggedy; Cactus is just the nickname given to him by his fellow marathon runners.  

Cactus’ owner is one Karen Hadfield, who takes care of an inn for artists in Morocco.  “How did she get Cactus?” you might ask.  Did she go to the local shelter and pick him out?  

Nope.  The animal choose the human.  Just like how my cat (Queen Autumn) walked out of the woods and selected me as her slave, so did Cactus.  Last year on the night of Karen’s birthday, Cactus simply walked up to her tent, and never left.  

Well, that’s not exactly true.  Cactus leaves the inn all the time to scratch his nomadic itch, sometimes staying away from home for days at a time.  According to his owner, he often travels 40 km (25 miles) a day, “just for fun”.  But he always returns.  

Karen was so used to his wanderings that she didn’t notice he had followed the marathon runners — until she saw posts about it online.  

Why would a dog do such a thing?  

“He is a herder.”  Karen theorized.  “Here in the village, he is always herding other animals[.]  I think when he saw the runners come by he decided this group needed looking after too.”

Karen was right.  It wasn’t long before one of the humans needed Cactus’ help.  Stephen Homesy of Washington, USA, “strayed from the line that most runners were taking”, according to the New York Times.  

In the desert, everything looks alike.  With identical dunes stretching out to the horizon, a fear began to prick in Stephen’s mind: “Am I headed to nowhere?”  

Then Cactus ran by Stephen, and Stephen fell in behind the dog.  

“I don’t know why I followed,” Stephen admitted, “but it seemed to be a sign that he knew where he was going.”  

Indeed, it was.  Because soon after, Cactus led Stephen back to the main track.  Stephen was safe — thanks to Cactus.  

Cactus also cheered up the humans.  Laughter and smiles abounded in the bivouac each night.  Even after an exhausting day of running, everyone was eager to pet the new mascot, feed him, and share their water with him.  

cactus water.PNG

“Exhausting” might not begin to cover the agony these runners went through.  This race is called the Marathon des Sables, which is French for the “Marathon of the Sands”.  The Discovery Channel has called it the Toughest Footrace on Earth.  Entrants need to run for 6 days through the blistering heat and uncertain footing of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.  During five of those days of suffering, they must run an average of 23 miles (New York Times).  That’s about 37 kilometers.  

You might be wondering why anyone would do this voluntarily.  I know I am!  

But wait — it gets worse.  On one of those days, the goal is much, much harder to reach.  The longest stage is 76.3 km, or 47 miles.  For some runners, this grueling stage can take an incredible 32 hours to complete.  

So naturally, the humans were worried about Cactus attempting such a feat.  He had already been running for 2 days!  

But the medical staff examined Cactus, and pronounced him more healthy than many humans that they had seen.  So Cactus was allowed to attempt it.  

The long stage began.  Cactus ran.  And ran.  And ran.  

When he arrived at the 16-mile checkpoint, the trouble started.  Cactus vomited slightly and had to take a break in the shade under a truck.  The New York Times reports: “He seemed to drink little or none of the water placed at his side. But he then got up and continued on his way….”  

In addition to his other troubles, Cactus ran into a sandstorm!  

But finally, as the sun went down, things started to turn around for Cactus.  In the desert, temperatures sink rapidly after the sun sets, and the cool relief was just what Cactus needed.  He perked up considerably.  

Later that night, Cactus crossed the finish line!  The other runners clapped and cheered.  His time was 11 hours and 15 minutes — a fraction of what it took many of the humans!  

In celebration, he casually ran a few more miles/kilometers (Morocco World News).  As one does.  

By now, Cactus was a star.  He was the unofficial mascot of the event; he was going viral online; he was more popular than any of the human competitors.  He may have come in 52nd overall, but I can safely say that he placed first in our hearts.  So naturally, in honor of such a canine, they awarded Cactus a medal!  

cactus won

As if that weren’t enough, Cactus kept racing for an impressive 2 more days before his owner Karen came and brought him home.  It was time for some well-deserved R&R…  

And there you have it — the story of Cactus!  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  

Before I end this post, a quick note to my regular readers.  I must apologize to you — I haven’t written anything for over 2 weeks!  That’s rather unusual for me; I typically try to post more often than that.  The reason is the month of June has been crazy-busy for me.  But from here on out, I intend to post regularly again.  

Thank you for being patient, and stay fuzzy, my friends!  



10 Dog Memes to Beat the Monday Blues

“If you’re uncomfortable around my dog, I’m happy to lock you in the other room when you come over!”  You can find this phrase plastered on T-shirts, signs, and on countless memes all over the Internet.  And indeed, it is funny, but in my opinion, somewhat over-used.  

Today I’ve collected 10 hilarious dog memes that you probably haven’t seen before.  They say that surprise is key to comedy, so these fresh memes should do the trick.  I hope you laugh while reading this, because I certainly did while writing it.  

Now, without further ado, let’s have some memes!  


dog mocked



dog smells another dog on you

Oh, wow, who else can relate to this?!  


dog squint meme




I never knew that Chihuahua faces were so perfectly expressive.  


majestic husky best

Mistakes were made.  I am not at liberty to discuss how or why; but mistakes were made.  


husky puppy meme



dog sleeping



labradoodle or fried chicken meme

This oddly satisfying trend was started by Karen Zack (aka @teenybiscuit) on Twitter back in 2016.  The picture that you see above was posted by Karen on March 2nd, and it quickly went viral.  She inspired others to make their own photo compilations under the title “Dog or Food?” 

I’m not sure why, but I find this trend fascinating.  Hopefully that’s normal.  


dog or food
Credit: https://bit.ly/2wkHx8v

Is it weird that I’m starting to feel hungry?  And speaking of eating…


dog chewing meme Samson

This is probably my favorite!  

Now this last one isn’t a meme, I know, but I just had to include it.  It’s hilarious!  

As Fluffy Piqasso on Instagram so brilliantly captioned: “Start the car.  START THE CAR!”  

And there we have it — 10 hilarious dog memes.  So which one did you like best?  Did any of them make you laugh out loud?  Leave a comment and let me know!

So I hope your blues are cured now (assuming you had any to begin with).  If it wasn’t enough, then here’s another funny article you might like: “15 Hilarious Horse Memes to Carry You Through Monday”.  This is one of my most popular posts.  Enjoy!  


Next week we will deal with a more serious topic: why do some cats attack their humans?  This is a nasty habit, obviously, and it must be stopped.  The good news is that the cure is pretty simple once you have figured out the cause.  

So until then: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

12 Cute Puppies for National Puppy Day

When I was 9 or 10, one of my friends visited, and she brought a puppy!  He was the cutest little fluff ball I had ever seen!  He was so irresistibly adorable that I just wanted to take him in my arms and bury my face in his tan-and-white fur.  

But my friend wouldn’t let me.  She was pet-sitting the pup for someone else, so she wouldn’t let me even touch him; I was only allowed to watch the cutie as he sniffed the lawn.  

I explained to my friend that I had two dogs at home.  Clearly, that made me a certified dog expert!  My friend disagreed.  

I was angry with her at the time, but now that I look back on it, she was just being responsible.  After all, if I had been allowed to touch the puppy, I probably would have hugged him nearly to death.  

He was the first puppy I had ever seen in real life, and I’ve been smitten ever since.  

Yesterday was March 23rd, aka National Puppy Day.  So in honor of that, here are 12 adorable puppies guaranteed to melt any heart.  Enjoy!  





In case you were wondering what breed these cuties are, they appear to be Yorkshire terrier pups.  


Credit: By The original uploader was Soccersmp at English Wikipedia. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by JohnnyMrNinja using CommonsHelper., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4434747

Every dog lover knows this look — the happy dog smile.  




cute dog

I want this dog.  Don’t ask me why; I just do.  



This one is probably my favorite; so cute!  Which one do you like the best?  




Credit: Kai-Chieh Chan

Not sure if this is a puppy or a full-grown dog, but I had to include it because of the sheer levels of cuteness!  



This photo was obviously Photoshopped, but it’s still endearing.  





This photo is adorable, but I have to wonder: after the photo was taken, how long did that person have to stay there until the puppy woke up?  Because whenever my cat sleeps on my bed, I am forced throw my schedule out the window and sleep in for hours on end.  The struggle is real, you guys…  


Credit: By Toronja Azul – originally posted to Flickr as Chihuahua puppy, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5126458

And now, for the question of the week: do you own a dog?  If so, what was it like when he was a puppy?  Was it as idyllic as these photos would suggest, or was it much more… hectic?  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!  

So until next time: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

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Guest Post: Never “Just a Dog”

Today we have a special guest post by my friend Laurel Hawkes, a fellow blogger, author, and animal-lover.  I have enjoyed Laurel’s writing for quite some time, which is why I was delighted when she agreed to share with us this heartwarming story about man’s best friend.  Enjoy! 


“It’s just a dog.” ‘Just’ fails to begin to describe such remarkable creatures. Miss B taught me about never underestimating a canine. I adopted her from a local pet store that had an arrangement with the local vet: Any unwanted puppies would be sold for a reasonable fee that included a free vet visit. Miss B was an Australian Shepherd mix. I was a new puppy owner with little experience. I made a lot of mistakes. She loved me anyway. She was scary smart. Something I didn’t fully appreciate until later in her life.

For the first four or five years, I bought her Christmas presents: treats and toys. Over the month of December, she ignored the tree and the human gifts accumulating underneath it. Then on Christmas Eve, I would place her gifts under the tree, and she was allowed to search for them on Christmas morning.

One year, I didn’t bother. I had enough on my plate without adding one more thing. Christmas was one day a year. She wouldn’t remember our one-day-a-year tradition because she was just a dog.

Christmas morning, Miss B shattered my perceptions and tore my heart. She sniffed around the tree, searching, searching, searching. Golden brown eyes questioned me. No apology would suffice. She didn’t understand. I sent her back to our bedroom.

I’d made a habit of trading out toys, putting away some toys for a month or two, making them “new” again, when they reappeared. I placed the toys under the tree and added a few of her favorite treats.

Calling her to come, she galloped from the bedroom to the living room, tail wagging. She searched under the tree, thrilled to find presents and treats for her. It didn’t matter to her that the toys were familiar, and treats were treats.

She remembered. She knew the significance of one day in the year.

I never forgot. I also wondered how much more did she understand? I changed the way I spoke to her. I endeavored to treat her with more respect and compassion. I more willingly allowed her to teach me.

One furry, four-legged creature changed me forever. Believing a dog is “just” a dog is to cheat oneself of a priceless gift.



If you enjoyed this post, then you should go check out Laurel’s blog — The Project: Me by Judy — which she updates daily.  It’s a refreshingly honest look at what to do when life gives you lemons… and you’re allergic to lemonade.  


10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog when You’re Exhausted

Here’s some good news for dog owners everywhere: if you’re tired or sick, you don’t have to walk the dog!  There are plenty of other ways for dogs to stay active; many of which don’t require you to even leave the couch!  

Katrin provides us with some excellent advice in this post, and if you enjoy it, you should check out her new blog at: https://www.maplewooddog.com/blog/


Whether you live with a chronic condition that causes fatigue as I do or you are exhausted after a busy day at work, your dog still needs exercise. Many people think exercise the dog = walk the dog. Well when you’re exhausted and walking the dog means making your tired brain and body move off the couch, yea don’t know about you but not likely.

I spend a lot of my time on the couch, sitting in a chair or leaning against a wall, tree or fence. And have come up with lots of ways to exercise my dogs from those stations.  Now this doesn’t mean I don’t also get my dogs out in the world, I do.  I go for a walk with them nearly every day.  But for many dogs (mine included) that isn’t enough.  And when I have days where I can’t get out, these types of…

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