10 Hilarious Animals Acting Like Humans

Animals are smart.  With enough patience and skill, almost any creature can be taught to perform almost any trick.  However, for this list, I chose animals who appear to be acting of their own free will.  That makes it more funny and fascinating, don’t you think?  

But enough chit-chat; let’s get to the list!  

1. Cat Sitting Upright.  

cat sitting like a human

My own cat, Queen Autumn the 1st, sits like this sometimes.  It’s usually when she’s — er — licking her privates…  

2. Dog Walking on 2 Legs.  

3. Dog Walking Horse.  

This video is quite the powerful testimony to how docile horses are.  Equines are gentle giants.  They are usually perfectly willing to let someone else be the boss — even a tiny dog.  

4. Houdini Horse Escaping.  

This troublemaker is a beautiful Friesian named Mariska.  She lives on a farm in Midland, Michigan, owned by the pitiable Bonems.  Opening your own stall door?  Pshaw!  That’s for amateurs!  Mariska, better know as the Houdini Horse, isn’t content with such trifles.  Once out of her own stall or pasture, Mariska then proceeds to free the entire stable.  It’s a jailbreak! 

And invariably, it always ends in a hunt for food.  Mariska’s owners used to store grain in an old freezer.  Not anymore!  Mariska figured out how to shove the freezer open with her nose.  Next, the humans moved the grain to an empty stall, which, of course, posed no problem for Mariska.  Silly humans, they never learn!  Last we heard, the humans were trying a new system of pins, and that was holding.  For now…

Source: https://dailym.ai/2p8gwVo

5. Sheep Jumping on Bales of Hay.  

Animals love hay bales.  I’ve seen dogs and baby goats jumping from bale to bale.  I’ve seen a horse pawing at a bale and yanking it around with his teeth.  I’ve watched as a bear wrestled one across the ice.  I’ve seen cows rolling hay bales along the field, and then unraveling the human’s hard work!  You would not believe the things I’ve seen!  

6. Goat Climbing Tree.  

But…  But…  Don’t they need hands for that?!  

7. Cows Loving Music.  

8. Pigs Swimming.  

So it turns out that pigs and humans have a lot in common.  Both like swimming in the tropics.  Both have ears.  Both have legs.  We’re practically identical!  

9. Duck Feeding Fish.  

10. Rat Showering.  

This video was filmed by Peruvian DJ Jose Correa.  He was about to shower himself when he saw the little guy in the corner.  Amazed, Jose filmed the rat for a bit, then the rat ran off.  When people started expressing concern for the rat, Jose declared: “I care a lot about animals….  I would never want to hurt him. So I just filmed him and let him go.”  

Some people claim that this video was staged.  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, I don’t know.  All I know for sure is: “Reepicheep!  You came back!”  

And there you have it — 10 animals behaving like people.  Did any of these surprise you?  Which one was your favorite?  More importantly, have you noticed any animal act like a human in real life?  Leave your weird and wacky stories in the comments below!  

So until next time: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

Top 10 Funniest Grumpy Cat Memes

You probably have heard of Grumpy Cat, and you probably already know that the Internet Icon passed away last week.  But did you know that Grumpy Cat was actually a girl?  And like me, you may not have known that her real name was Tardar Sauce. 

Tardar Sauce began her life in the house of her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, on April 4, 2012.  She was born with dwarfism and an underbite that gave her the unique, pernament frown.  Later in 2012, Tabatha’s brother posted a photo of Tardar Sauce on Reddit with the caption: “Meet grumpy cat”.  It exploded.  

People couldn’t get enough of Grumpy Cat’s frowning face, so she and her owner started making media appearances.  Over the course of 7 years, Grumpy Cat gathered a huge social media following, started her own line of merchandise, and even starred in a movie.  She made her owner millions.  (And, of course, inspired thousands of memes.)  

Unfortunately, all that ended last week.  Despite the best care, Grumpy Cat died of a urinary tract infection on Tuesday, May 14th.  She was only 7 years old. 

But her legacy lives on in the millions of smiles that her frown created.  Because of that, I can think of no better way to celebrate the life of the Meme Queen than to show you some of her best work.  

Let’s begin with the photo which started it all…


orig grumpy cat

Ah, Grumpy Cat.  How I will miss you perpetual pessimism.  



grumpy cat

How can something so cute be so evil?!  



grumpy cat grass




Me to Grumpy Cat: “Turn that frown upside down!”  

Grumpy Cat: “Try that, and I’ll bite you.”



grumpy cat gas mask



grumpy cat 3

Finally!  Someone who understands me!  



Grumpy cat



grumpy cat santa fire

This is me after spending too many hours shopping for presents online.  



grumpy cat 4

I love how this meme almost gives you hope, and then snatches it away!  



grumpy heaven

So what did you think of the list?  Did you laugh at it?  Which meme was your favorite?  Share your opinion in the comments below!  

In conclusion, Grumpy Cat cannot be replaced.  But who will make us laugh in her absence?  Fortunately, there are other funny, feline, Internet stars out there.  One of my personal favorites is Curious Zelda. Curious Zelda is a black and white cat with huge eyes, which makes her look shocked all of the time.  Here’s a sample to show you why I think she’s so good.  


If you like what you see, consider checking out my post, “Curious Zelda Tweets That Are Comedy Gold”.  Enjoy!  


So until next time: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

10 Dog Memes to Beat the Monday Blues

“If you’re uncomfortable around my dog, I’m happy to lock you in the other room when you come over!”  You can find this phrase plastered on T-shirts, signs, and on countless memes all over the Internet.  And indeed, it is funny, but in my opinion, somewhat over-used.  

Today I’ve collected 10 hilarious dog memes that you probably haven’t seen before.  They say that surprise is key to comedy, so these fresh memes should do the trick.  I hope you laugh while reading this, because I certainly did while writing it.  

Now, without further ado, let’s have some memes!  


dog mocked



dog smells another dog on you

Oh, wow, who else can relate to this?!  


dog squint meme




I never knew that Chihuahua faces were so perfectly expressive.  


majestic husky best

Mistakes were made.  I am not at liberty to discuss how or why; but mistakes were made.  


husky puppy meme



dog sleeping



labradoodle or fried chicken meme

This oddly satisfying trend was started by Karen Zack (aka @teenybiscuit) on Twitter back in 2016.  The picture that you see above was posted by Karen on March 2nd, and it quickly went viral.  She inspired others to make their own photo compilations under the title “Dog or Food?” 

I’m not sure why, but I find this trend fascinating.  Hopefully that’s normal.  


dog or food
Credit: https://bit.ly/2wkHx8v

Is it weird that I’m starting to feel hungry?  And speaking of eating…


dog chewing meme Samson

This is probably my favorite!  

Now this last one isn’t a meme, I know, but I just had to include it.  It’s hilarious!  

As Fluffy Piqasso on Instagram so brilliantly captioned: “Start the car.  START THE CAR!”  

And there we have it — 10 hilarious dog memes.  So which one did you like best?  Did any of them make you laugh out loud?  Leave a comment and let me know!

So I hope your blues are cured now (assuming you had any to begin with).  If it wasn’t enough, then here’s another funny article you might like: “15 Hilarious Horse Memes to Carry You Through Monday”.  This is one of my most popular posts.  Enjoy!  


Next week we will deal with a more serious topic: why do some cats attack their humans?  This is a nasty habit, obviously, and it must be stopped.  The good news is that the cure is pretty simple once you have figured out the cause.  

So until then: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

The Funniest Book I’ve Read This Year: Enslaved by Ducks


I love books.  When I was younger, I could read a book in 2 summer days.  These days, I have far less free time.  Perhaps you can relate; most of us have less time for our hobbies than we might like.  Nowadays, I might read a long book over the course of 2 months.  

But not this book.  

Enslaved by Ducks — I burned through this book in a little over 2 weeks.  I enjoyed it that much!  And here’s why…

For starters, it’s funny.  Very.  The author, Bob Tarte, has my sense of humor — a dry, British sense of humor.  The key is carrying off the most absurd exaggerations with a straight face, as if you really believe them.  

But don’t take my word for it; let’s have the author speak for himself. 

But first, a bit of background.  How does one get enslaved by ducks, you might ask?  One at a time, one at a time… until you have dozens.  And this is how it always happened to Bob Tarte, in his own words: 

“Sweetheart,” [his wife Linda says.]  “There’s an ad in the paper for a parrot that’s supposed to be a really good talker….”
“We don’t need another parrot.  We couldn’t possibly stand another parrot.”  [he replies.]
“I know,” she told me.  “But I’m still going to call the people and see what kind of cute things he says.”
Though I hid in the bedroom with the door sealed shut and BBC world news cranked up on the headboard radio, Linda’s explosions of glee still reached me as the bird’s owner regaled her with endless anecdotes.  I shivered under the sheet in the early July heat as a damp chill foreboding my inevitable fate wracked my body.

We’d been down this road many times before.  Linda was driving a steamroller and nothing more substantial than a plywood cutout of a husband stood in her way.  I might have succeeded in kidding myself that I had gained vast knowledge of animals over the years, but clearly I didn’t have a clue how to say no to my wife, particularly when the question involved a new pet that part of me secretly wanted, too–and that part was the knot inside my pine head.

In addition to humor, here’s another plus: before I read this book, I had always thought that one bird was pretty much like another.  Some are predators, some are prey, and all of them fear humans.  

Boy was I wrong!  I never knew that birds had such varied personalities!  Tarte eloquently captures the essence of each feathered character, making them come right off of the page.  Indeed, he is so skilled at this that he might even rival the beloved vet-author James Herriot.  

Thanks in part to Tarte’s book, I’ve come to realize that all animals have personalities, if only you look closely enough.  

There is only one drawback to this book: it is not for kids.  Once or twice in the book, Tarte talks about his animals’ weird habits when it comes to “love”.  In particular, I recommend skipping the chapter called “Howard the Romantic”.  

But one bruise does not ruin an entire apple.  Far from it!  If you are an adult, then I highly recommend this book.  You will cry a little, learn a lot, and laugh even more.  Enslaved by Ducks is definitely going on my Goodreads shelf of favorites.  

So what about you, dear reader?  Have you read any good books lately?  Leave a comment and let me know!  

And until next week: stay fuzzy, my friends!  

15 Hilarious Animal Memes to Make Your Christmas Merry

Has this Christmas season been stressful for you?  If so, you’re not alone.  Between attending awkward holiday parties, buying gifts for everyone on the planet, and stringing your house with enough lights to cause sunburn on passing pedestrians, the holidays can certainly be tough on anyone.  

Fortunately, these memes are here to help.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughs!  



This meme is dangerously close to reality for me. 


cat in tree

Has your cat destroyed your Christmas tree yet?  No?  Well, never fear, there’s still time.  


just pull


cat angel


i'm the star

“In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

– Terry Pratchett


santa's village

Great.  I will now be running from Catzilla in my nightmares tonight.  


Grumpy cat


perfect gift

This is a tough lesson that cats teach each new cat-lover.  They don’t want the toy; they want the box it came in.  


fat cat

The gift that stays with you — whether you want it to or not.



Nice try, but the hair clumps were a dead give-away.  


dog snacks



When that excuse didn’t work, the dog then tried to blame it on the neighbor’s cat…


a whole tree


dogs hate clothes

But…  It was so cute…



And there you have it!  15 memes of animals ruining Christmas in the funniest ways possible.  

So which one was your favorite?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Personally, the meme that made me laugh the hardest was probably number 6, the “Catzilla” one.  

Finally, I hope that these memes have lifted your mood a little. 

Merry Christmas, my friends!  And as Tiny Tim said: “God bless us, everyone!”  


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