Dog Decides to Appear on Live Russian TV Without Human Consent


Suppose that you’re at work in a television studio.  You are about to deliver the news, live.  You’re used to this; after all, that’s your job.  You are a news anchor.  You start to speak– but a bark interrupts you.  What?!

That is exactly what happened to Ilona Linarte, a female news anchor for the Russian news TV station, Mir24.  On May 23rd, a black lab burst into the studio, barked, and then jumped up and put his paws on the desk.

Understandably, Linarte was startled to see the adorable troublemaker.  In Russian, she asks the rest of the crew what she should do with him.  No one replies, so she eventually just awkwardly hugs him, while explaining to the camera that she is a “cat person”.

The whole episode lasted less than a minute, but those 50 seconds were enough to launch the unnamed pup into the limelight of prestigious news organizations such as Fox News and TODAY.  Furthermore, as of right now, the video has a cool 9 million views.

But how did the dog get in?

According to Fox News, the dog was on another show as a guest and escaped.

Once in Linarte’s studio, the dog seemed determined to gain her attention, despite the fact that she described herself as a “cat lady”.  Funny how the dog seemed to think otherwise…

Perhaps she should consider owning both?

In any case, here is the video.


(By the way, if any one out there knows Russian and can translate this video, please message me with the translation.  I would love to understand exactly what she’s saying.)


  • from Fox, “Dog crashes live Russian news broadcast”, published May 25, 2017.

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